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Golden Home has accumulated many years of experience in assisting clients with immigration worldwide. Not only are we committed to spearheading your immigration application, but we also strive to fulfill your dreams. We are specialized in immigration regulations and procedures, therefore providing you with a comprehensive planning. Depending on your individual goals, we analyze thoroughly and provide you with different options and recommendations so you may fulfill your dreams.  “Integrity, professionalism and excellence” is our philosophy as we strive for creating a better future for more families and our next generation.

Why choosing us?

  • Professional service: We provide detailed, accurate and complete information and recommendations throughout the entire process, from our first face-to-face meeting, initial assessment, application to  approval. We follow up with your case diligently.

  • Investment loans: We can refer you to reliable financial institutions which can finance your immigration needs. For instance, you can loan up to 80% of the funds required for immigrating to Taiwan.

  • Post-immigration services: We can arrange personal assistance to help you to settle down in the new environment, for example, we can arrange assistants in Taiwan to look after your business, look for your apartment, schools and shops etc.